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Bowel incontinence

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@emyliander Hi Emy. I see you have been on Connect for a while but this is the first time that I remember having a common interest, so I am glad to meet you through the thread that you started, although not thrilled with the problem we have in common.

I too have fecal incontinence. I went to a urogynecologist for urinary incontinence and they also deal with fecal incontinence. She sent me for pelvic floor PT which did help a bit. She also sent me to a gastroenterologist for an anorectal manometry, and my muscles are very weak. Apparently, that goes back to when my son was born, and I tore right through my anal sphincter. My son is now 38 but that was not a problem until recently, so that does seem a bit odd to me. It started being a problem after having to take immunosuppressants which caused my stools to be soft and unformed — they classify very soft stools as diarrhea. After a very long time of trying to figure things out, I came to realize that my stool problem was primarily lactose intolerance, apparently triggered by the immunosuppressants. I do occasionally have a fecal incontinence problem even with small, formed stools though. Eliminating dairy has helped substantially.

There is little they can do for this. There is a surgical procedure but it does not have the best success rate from what I have been told. There is another procedure where they insert some type of mesh to hold the muscles up. That is supposed to have a high success rate. If you are interested I will try to find more info on it. I live in southern NH and use Boston hospitals, generally Mass General, but the only doctor who does this is at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge. I have held off for now simply because I have a limit on how many doctors and medical things I can endure, and as I said above, eliminating dairy has helped somewhat. I also do not like going to the bathroom and finding a surprise on my pad. My husband reassures me that he never detects any odor though.

Here is more info from the Mayo site:

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Thank you JK, you’ve given me a lot of information, I looked up the https info, very interesting. I do not eat meat but eat fish, and about 4months ago I gave up dairy also, I use Almond milk, and non dairy butter. I’ve also cut back on sugar. I drink green tea which does have caffeine, so I’ll try to find a non caffeinated one. Along with my Celiac diet it can be quite challenging. I’m going to check with my insurance to see if I need a referral for a urogynecologist, if I do I’ll get one. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. , I’m trying to remember to do the Kegel exercises. I plan to walk more, was out walking this morning. I need to increase my fluid intake with