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Bowel incontinence

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Thank you, @astaingegerdm . Even though you had muscle damage, were you able to be helped by Urogynecologist. Have you tried PT ? I too wear a pad, I am not even aware when the incontinence happens, so until I go to the bathroom I’m unaware of it and worry about odors. Then theres the major cleanup with wet wipes that can’t be flushed even if they say they can. Apparently they still clog pipes. At night I wear adult disposable pants,
Thank you again for your input.

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I have over production of bile. I also have problems unaware i soiled my self. I am now taking collestipol 1gm in am and if I go out I take another. My problem started 10 years ago. I had my gallbladder out 40 years ago. I hate jt. But the medicine helps. I also know what foods set me off. I had to do my own research and come up with the diagnosis. Very frustrating when doctors do not help. I am retired nurse had never heard of this condition. I wear pads when I go places. Always carry xtra stuff. But I am thankful for the meds. Maybe try and see if it would work for you . It can. Constipate though but I find that better then standing in the middle of a store with poop running down my legs. Also sorbitol, malitol etc causes diahrea. I hate this condition.

@emyliander I have have bowel incontinance ever since I was diagnosed with MCTD. I have been to a gastroenterologist and a woman’s PT. All of their advice hasn’t helped a lot. I am totally unaware that is has happened so I wear a pad. Very embarrassing. I have done research on MCTD and found that leakage is common in scleroderma, which is part of MCTD. Thank you for sharing.