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Knee Replacement: Insomnia post-surgery

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Hi @amytro – I agree with Justin @JustinMcClanahan – I would keep a close eye on the issue of nausea. Three weeks after my last TKR I started having nausea so severely that I had to go to the ER. I, too, had been sent home from the hospital with anti-nausea meds but they didn't touch it. It turns out I was having a reaction to the Celebrex they prescribed as an anti-inflammatory and it was causing internal bleeding. I think your body may be sending you messages that all is not well. To me, the nausea and digestive issues sounds like the issues of greatest concern. If you don't have a doctor's appointment coming us very soon, could you message your doctor through the portal or call?

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Hi @amytro
Like you, I'm 5 weeks post 2nd knee replacement and suffering from insomnia, extreme fatigue, weight loss and nausea. I had none of these 3 years ago when I had my first knee replaced. I was on Xarelto for 30 days to prevent blood clots forming and stopped my opiod pain meds 12 days after surgery. I couldn't handle the constipation and weird feelings. I do feel depressed because I wish I had more strength. Anxiety used to be a problem but years of therapy helped with that. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and had chemo followed by bladder removal and have been doing well.. All my CT scans have been negative and I felt great except for my knee. Not a fan of doing it the second time but I figured I survived the cancer surgery and first knee a year later without major difficulty. Now, I'm struggling with my PT exercises because I'm so tired. Surgeon said he doesn't prescribe for insomnia. My PCP was reluctant to prescribe but gave me a small script of Trazadone to try. It hasn't done much, nor the melatonin I'm taking. Food doesn't interest me like it did before and strong smells and tastes can make me nauseous. My surgeon's PA thinks I will turn the corner around 6 weeks post surgery when most of the pain passes. We'll see as that's only a week away. 1-2 hours sleep per night is all I can manage. Sleep is needed to heal properly and have energy to exercise. So, yes, I'm fatigued and somewhat depressed. Hopefully it will improve soon. Trazadone is also an anti-depressant so maybe I haven't given it enough time to build up in my system yet?