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Knee Replacement: Insomnia post-surgery

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@auntmarmar Is your anxiety due to your TKR? I think you need to figure out what is causing the anxiety and depression before you can tackle it. I know nothing about sleeping pills, I do use melatonin and sometimes Benedryl but have not used any prescription remedies in many years. I tried once a long time ago but didn't like how I felt the next day.
It's good that you are seeing a counselor, hopefully that will help you to sort things out. It does not sound as if pain is what is keeping you awake, if I have interpreted your discussion correctly. I will be interested in hearing what approach is taken to help you because I often have trouble sleeping if I am anxious about anything. These days I do not feel anxious but if I get six hours of sleep I consider it to be a good night.

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Well from my research, anxiety and depression are not uncommon after major surgery, as is insomnia. My surgeons office Said that insomnia is their number one complaint after total knee replacement. They also said that most prescription drugs will not work. At this point, I think the main cause of my anxiety and depression is the sleeplessness. Of course sleeplessness is also a consequence of anxiety and depression! Ugh! Thanks for responding to my post.

No pain is not the problem. And yes the anxiety and depression are since the surgery and seizure. Now mostly from the lack of sleep. Continuing with the counselor.