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Thank you for responding to me.. My doctor sent me for a hearing check about 2 years or so and I had minor hearing loss, but not enough to need aids.. Then last year I had another test at Costco.. there they put aids on me and had me walk around the store to find out how that sounded to me.. Well, it was too noisy and I didn't like it at all… I have read that hearing loss can cause some cognitive differences, so that's the reason I'm inquiring now.. At home I have earpieces for listening to television and my laptop, and I enjoy using them often.. My husband speaks up when I need to hear him better, which is usually in the car.. My cellphone audio is turned up so I can hear well on it.. I nearly always put it on speaker when I'm talking very long.. I guess what I'm saying here is that having hearing aids would just be another gadget for me to keep up with.. Changing batteries could be a problem for me since I'm a bit shaky and might need a magnifying glass for the job.. Being at home with my husband is enjoyable for me and I don't feel so isolated as it seems I actually am..

What does bother me the most is the women I meet and make friends with don't understand me.. I miss the friends that I had for so many years.. we knew each other well and understood and made allowances for our little quirks and eccentricities.. It does get lonely when you lose old friends… And now I am the oldest living member of what was a very large family that included aunts, uncles, cousins and inlaws.. I guess this is what it's like to get old…. not that I mind my years at all.. but I do miss those folks that I loved all my life, and they loved me… I wish old ladies would just be a bit kinder…. Thank the good Lord, my husband is adorable though…

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Hi Hot foot. I brought Nano over the counter even though unlike you I am in a more severe range . It was brought as a backup in case my hearing aids dies quickly. They are under $500 and they work for me in not being without hearing. Only over the counter I trust. They work with you. Best customer service ever. And the aids are not programmed for your loss yet they work for me . Strange .

Hearing loss is isolating and I also have difficulty with a lack of friends. Fortunately I have six kids and 18 grandchildren so it keeps me busy.
As far as trying the hearing aids in the store I don’t think that’s the place to really experience what they’re like. It may be that the hearing aids were not adjusted “fit” correctly for your specific hearing loss or that it just sounds really loud because now you can hear. That’s all it could be. I recently had a slight hearing loss in some levels of my audio gram and after the audiologist adjusted my hearing aids everything really seemed loud for a while but really that is what I’m supposed to be hearing.

I have never had a good memory either and now that I’m older.. 72 it seems like it’s gotten worse. It’s probably a good time to have yourself checked out.