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Saxenda and side effects of depression?

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John, I, too, joined the chocolate snack since I read that it is a good antioxidant and I know that flavor is important to a diet. I eat two squares after dinner, usually, but sometimes after lunch if I only have a salad. The ones I eat have only ninety calories, low sugar, and have orange bits in them. After dinner I wash the chocolate down with a glass of milk in preparation for the sleepiness that seems to come from the milk. Then I can get to sleep easily, or I can drink camamille tea which does the job of bringing on sleepiness. Tonight is an exception because I have too much on my mind to process, and I have been awake all night. Depression is not a problem for me because I indulge in a prayer life which erases my loneliness from living alone. I recently walked away from problems which were not being addressed and now need to get it out of my head. Life is good when you engage with and help others. I seldom use food for comfort anymore, and I have lost 6 pounds from not being able to cook with a fractured shoulder injury. I'm getting better now. Dorisena

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@dorisena I really think chocolate has an anti-depressant effect. I will always have a picture in my mind of my daughter, when she was still in a highchair, eating M&Ms. The look on her face was positively euphoric and dreamy!

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