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Statin Intolerance

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Having ruled out four of the six statins available because my reaction to them is muscle pain that is debilitating, I have to ask what am I to do? If I never saw another statin I would be happy but there are all those studies that say they are necessary. I am 74 and had a heart attack in January of 2016. At that time my cholesterol was within normal range but each time I have taken statins, upon cessation of the drug (after taking them for 4-8 months) I see a definite increase in numbers above what they were when I started. My question would be does taking the statin which reduces my cholesterol, alter the normal function of my body artificially increasing numbers. The idea that anyone should live in pain to take this medication should be unacceptable to any patient and their doctor but I am fearful that not taking them will somehow kill me. Can the alternatives be taken effectively without a statin? The class such as Repatha et.al are very expensive… Any suggestions?

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@damecarol After I had my by pass surgery due to a lot of cholesterol in my arteries the Dr. tried my on about 10 different statins when Crestor came out I tried it and it did bring my numbers down to almost normal next blood work hopefully will show they are within normal range. Maybe try another statin. The 2 that did work for me was Tri-core and Crestor buy my Dr. kept my on Crestor

I’d like to ask a few questions if I may, is there a history of heart disease in your family?
Do you have high blood pressure or Diabetes?
Do you smoke?
Are you over overweight?
EVERY drug comes with risks and benefits and potential side effects. Muscle pain happens in about 10% of patients. Ask your doctor about other types of Cholesterol lowering medications you may be able to tolerate. Your doctor may have prescribed you statins because of your risk factors or because you had a heart attack. Statins aren’t given solely based on numbers anymore.
Make sure your lifestyle choices aren’t contributing to your cholesterol problem? How’s your diet & weight do you exercise. After I started making better choices my Cholesterol has been great. As far as living in pain because of statins I’m sure no one expects you to do that. If your doctor isn’t offering you other options it may be time for a new one.
Health and happiness,

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