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Excercise After Prostatectomy

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@jogger01, blood in urine is always worthy of investigation. I'll be interested to hear what your doctor says about jogging. I'm bringing @warrens and @kujhawk1978 who continue to exercise post treatment. They may experiences to share. In another discussion @donnelson recommends a publication by the Prostate Cancer Foundation called “Nutrition, Exercise and Prostate Cancer” which I found online here: https://www.troygianduzzo.com.au/pdf/nutrition-excercise-prostate-cancer.pdf

Jogger, what type of surface do you jog on? I wonder if using a treadmill might lessen the impact factor? Not as nice as running outside, of course.

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Throughout my treatment, surgery, Lupron, radiation and taxotere I have done everything but run – ride my bike, ski, swim, hike in the mountains, elliptical, basketball..,

My not running is tied to back problems a few years ago. My orthopedic doctor said to give up running as it was not good for my joints…

I’m no doctor so can’t say that running is tied to your problem, if it was then other forms of aerobic and strength exercises could also cause what you are experiencing. I have not heard of any correlation on any of the online PCa communities I participate in.

It is likely something else so consult with your medical team.

As to diet and exercise, well, it just makes sense that they can play a role in mitigating side affects such as CVD, metabolic syndrome, bone health…

Also, if you keep an active lifestyle and reasonable diet it may mean you can enjoy doing the things you love to do, which can impact your attitude about living with PCa which along with diet and exercise can play a role in your QOL.


Thanks for the input. I do use a treadmill and thought I was building stamina slowly since surgery, where I started with walking and incremented treadmill speed minimally over many weeks. I also utilize a high quality running shoe. I’ll keep you posted on findings from doctor visit. At this point I am just keeping my routine focused on walking and eliptical and no further issues have surfaced since backing off the running routine. Hesitant to create further complications with running. Doctor plans further tests during my next PSA screening visit at end of July.