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Hi Doc,

I read the disclosure about the contrast agent and it said exactly what I reported and the tech really did say what I said she did which I was thankful for. Maybe it's a new contrast agent. The disclosure did say that it could accumulate in the brain and body and that the long-term effects were unknown. I'm only a psychologist by training but I do understand the importance of your point and I would never communicate anything that was intended to mislead or might keep others from getting help they needed. I was dismayed that the doctor did not discuss this issue before the MRI. I guess the MRI did rule out a tumor but without the contrast the doctor said she could not determine if it was carotidynia, her suspicion.

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@jager5210 @jeffrapp I'd like to offer a bit of input from my personal experience. I did have an MRI with contrast which was gadolinium several years ago. At the time, I questioned the safety of it and was told to drink a lot of water, and at that time they said it should be OK unless a patient has kidney disease. About ten years later, I had a blood test when my doctor was testing for metals in my body, and the gadolinium is still there and was the highest level of any metals that were found in my body. I'm not aware of any problems related to this.

I posted on Wellstar's message board pretty much what I posted on this site. That MRI was on 6/22 I believe. Just the other day Wellstar refunded my $70 co-pay. How surprising is that?

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