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I had an MRI last week. The doctor ordered it with contrast. The doctor did not inform me of the risk with the contrast in that it has not been fully studied, may lodge in the brain and body and cause unknown side effects, etc. The MRI technician recommended against it unless she found a tumor. She didn't. The doctor said she could not determine anything since the contrast was not used. Therefore, $6,000.00 of insurance benefits down the drain.

My swallowing difficulties come and go but it is frightening. I have had swollen neck glands for 10 months, a stiff neck, and pain up the back of my head. I'm not sure what I'm going to do now in the fragmented approach by medicine.

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Hi jager5210
This disease is maddening, even for medical professionals. I am both.
Please don’t take offense; i often feel the way you do.
However, i don’t believe your post is helpful for others in the same situation.
Your analysis of the dangers of contrast material is simply wrong. It doesn’t get stuck anywhere in your body, it has been well studied, and the side effects are not unknown.
Contrast is often used, particularly when a tumor is possible. If the tech really did what you say, he/she should be fired. They are not supposed to decide whether or not to use contrast, and certainly not make a diagnosis.
Current medicine does not have a lot to offer to us with this disease. Most professionals are doing the best they can.

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