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I went to see my Gastronogist today and he said I have Barrett's esophagus and Diverticulitis. He said the Barrett's is what's causing my difficulty swallowing and gave me 4 meds and told me I needed to stop caffeine, dairy and wheat which is fine if I'm no longer feel like I'm getting waterboarded throughout the day. He said it would take 4 to 6 weeks for the meds and diet changes to bring me back to normal swallowing. He also said I have Diverticulitis and he needs to perform another colonoscopy. He also didn't seem to think that theses 2 conditions cause my nerve pain.
I have a feeling it has something to do with my brain and nerves.
For example after my visit with my Gastronogist I was grateful that finally a condition was found for my difficulty swallowing and relieved. Then as I'm driving to the pharmacy the difficulty swallowing my saliva hits me hard I think I'm going to choke at the same time I'm having difficulty breathing my tongue and lips feel numb and at times I feel like I'm going to pass out while driving and then I almost smile in a weird way and think ok I guess I'm going to die today like it's a joke. I've had these weird and inappropriate thoughts when my symptoms started 4 months ago. When I would be at my worst in terms of choking and barely to breathe I get these weird reactions.
Also I've been reflecting on how I started to mentally change 18 months ago I'm not sure if it's significant or signifiers anything but here goes.
About 18 months ago when some of my favorite Rock songs would play on the radio I would start crying about how happy I was. I use to never do that and were talking hard rock songs like Led Zeppelin multiple times throughout the day I would start to cry when a particular song came on because I was over come with happiness in retrospect that seems weird. Then I started engaging in impulsive behavior. I started stealing cookies from a market, then designer T-shirts and socks from a department store. I'm 57 years old the last time I stole something was candy when I was like 11. I would justify these actions by saying since I never had a rebellious youth I was rebelling now. That also seems strange now. Plus at times I have a certain repetitive thought I can't get rid of. Lastly when the choking feeling first started happening I felt like I had to suppress a smile, as if choking would make me smile.
Please I'm very open to anyone's feedback, thanks.

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@jcbonne1 – glad you are beginning to get some answers. That must feel good to be closing in on the problem and getting it treated.

About the impulsive behavior you mentioned: I know some medications can prompt that type of thing. What about asking your doctor if that could be a possibility for you?

Hi again, I am so glad you have an answer to your saliva problem. Hopefully, the meds will help. You are very articulate in writing about the mental changes, and odd reactions to things. You could not have written better. Sometimes I think life is rather ludicrous, and that we can have odd reactions to things. Somehow, I did not even find your writing that you are gonna die now, as odd. Listening to Led Zeppelin and crying with joy is on the odd side, but who am I to say? Impulsive stealing and thoughts getting stuck in your head is scarey. I have the thoughts sometimes, and I even had to take meds for that at one time. Off them now. You sense the impulsive stealing is very wrong, and that is good. Justifying it is only human nature, but you are recognizing the oddness of the stealing, and that is good. I really would suggest a brain scan to rule out a physiological reason for some of the oddness. Do not start with any kind of therapist before you rule out brain problems. That is just my opinion. Also, please do not eat popcorn, unless it is hulled. That is horrible for diverticulitis. The kernels get stuck in your diverticula, and can cause pain. So eat only popcorn "puffs." You sound like a really nice, self aware, intelligent man. I wish you well in your health journey. No more stealing!!!! Keep me posted. Lori Renee