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Two things that come to mind for you to do are to go to a stomach doctor (Gastroenterologist), and have an upper GI, to see why you are having trouble swallowing. This is not a difficult test. You just swallow down some barium, and the doc watches your esophagus on a screen to see how your upper gastro system is working. Another thing that seems your neurologist should order is and EMG, to see how your nerves and muscles are working. Could your dentures be causing problems? Just thinking about saliva and dentures. I don't know anything about that. I pray you find some answers. My best to you. Lori Renee

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Thank you Lori I had a endoscopy is a upper GI different? I did some research on poor fitting dentures and barely worn them since last night my swallowing has improved by about 50%

Great ideas!

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