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Kneading massage for lower leg and foot neuropathy

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@hotfooted, Hi – It sounds like you are doing a little better! I also have SFN and Erythromelagia although the EM pain is not too bad except at night it can interfere with sleep. I have severe SFN mainly, my feet are mainly cold in toes and balls of feet. What type of Exercycle do you use? I have thought about getting one if it doesn’t put to much pressure on the balls of my feet. I can’t really do much right now but I try to swim if I am able. I can usually wear socks all day except sometimes at night my feet can get a little warm and red. What meds do you think has helped you the most if it’s ok to ask. I’m sensitive to meds and take just a low dose Gabapentin and Amitriptyline. I’m glad to hear that you are doing better!!

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Thanks, Laura… I've been using Frankincense and Myrrh rubbing oil and it's worked wonders on the red hot burning feet.. Before I started using it I couldn't bear anything touching the ends of my toes, but now they are cold and I'm wearing 2 pairs of cotton socks at once.. When the weather was chillier I was wearing high top wool socks, but the wool started irritating my ankles.. You can see my 20 day analysis of my experience using the oil under Neuropathy discussions, I think.. As for the Exercycle.. it's a stationary bicycle.. Fred, my husband, wore out 2 treadmills before getting the bicycle.. But now, @johnbishop shows a link to the one he uses and I love it.. the seat looks so much more comfortable than the different bicycle seats that we've tried on ours.. that alone sells me on it.. I'll try to post his link for you here, but if I don't figure it out, go take a look at his reference… https://www.proform.com/hybrid-trainers