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Hi Lisa.. This is the 3rd day that I've used the massage chair.. By using the foot lift and raising the feet, while lowering the back rest, I'm in the best position for massaging the calves and just above the ankles.. My chair has 3 choices for this.. Kneading, Swinging, and Automatic (which is a combination of the first two).. I favor using the Kneading and use it for aprox 30 minutes each morning.. At the same time, I turn on the Vibrate and Tapping for the upper back piece.. This part I can move it up or down with the arrows.. I also put a small firm pillow behind my neck just to make it more comfortable.. I can shift my body around to locate the Tapping in different trigger points, which helps give me a fairly good massage up and down my back..

After using the chair, I am now using the Prescription Compound Cream on both feet.. The burning red hot feet are gone for now and feet just look normal.. Strong tingling, but bearable... I'll wait a while after lunch, then go ride the Exercycle (stationary bicycle) for 1 mile.. Most likely take a nap after that... smiley face... Oh yes, Before I all of the above I had been using Frankincense and Myrrh rubbing oil on my feet - with great results from that, too.. My dear husband keeps pushing me to test out different "helps", hoping to get me back to a more normal lifestyle.. Bless his sweet heart, he's a keeper..

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Just a note regarding my use of the compounded cream for my feet .... I only used this one for a couple of days, as it did not make my feet feel better for very long... plus the tingling sensation was worse for me... Guess I'm just not at the stage of needing this stronger pain topical cream.. but I'm so very thankful that the Frankincense and Myrrh NEUROPATHY rubbing oil continues to do the best job for me.. and it's very inexpensive to use...