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Parus (@parus)

Scheduled For Cystectomy-Terrified!

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@hopeful33250 Oh gee, I guess I just need to talk to Jesus.

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Hi @parus,

I'm not quite sure what feelings were behind your post when you said, "Oh gee, I guess I just need to talk to Jesus", but you probably do need to talk with someone you trust about your fears and anxieties right now. Cancer has a way of bringing up feelings of catastrophe, which usually are not real. I think that right now you are assuming the worst-case scenario since you said,

"I have tried to contact the office and no one has returned my call. Must be too bad to mess with." That is probably not the case, they just need more time for the complete biopsy results.

When I had my third diagnosis of neuroendocrine cancer, I was devastated. It had been 11 years since my last surgery and many doctors told me it would probably not return again. so I know my mind went in a lot of "what-if" directions. After three years I still do a minor panic when I have to be tested for recurrence however, so far, so good.

Wishing you peace of mind, even for just a few minutes at a time. Is there anyone you can talk with right now? If not in person, please know that we are here to listen to you.