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Parus (@parus)

Scheduled For Cystectomy-Terrified!

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Well, I was told that the procedure was outpatient. It was only for the removal of a polyp. Well, I was sent home with papers telling me I have active bladder cancer. Is this how things are now done. I went in believing it was to have the one discovered removed and then to be checked. The discharge papers said otherwise. I was also told to make a follow-up appointment with the Urologist for the results. Must have been really bad once they went in to remove it. I am getting to the point I no longer want to go to doctors. Why bother if the polyp removed was so bad I am going to die anyway? They just want more money to torture me even more!!!
There is no longer compassion in the medical world I have experienced. I have tried to contact the office and no one has returned my call. Must be too bad to mess with.

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As a three-time cancer survivor, I understand what a shock to learn that a simple polyp was active cancer. I know you must be very distressed, I'm sure all of us would be. Sometimes it is hard to tell cancerous polyps from benign until it is removed. I'm supposing this is the problem you have experienced.

Some medical professionals do show compassion but some of them are just good at their skills but not so good with relationships. It sounds like your doctor was the latter.

Give the office another day or so, perhaps they are waiting for the final biopsy results in order to stage the cancer cells.

How are you feeling today? Are you dealing with a lot of discomfort? Praying for your body and emotions to settle and adjust.

@parus I am so sorry to hear the way they treated you. I had a similar treatment on some diagnoses, and can relate to what you may be feeling right now. As @hopeful33250 suggested, give them a day or two to gather all their facts to relate to you. Please give them the benefit of the doubt. After you have the information, you can explain how they handled it made you feel. It may help someone else down the line. I will be thinking of you, and hope you let us know how you are doing?

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