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Psychosis or paranoia

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@hopeful33250 @lolly906 Teresa is correct about being seen by a team to get a solid diagnosis. Lolly, you mentioned your son has an alcohol problem and moved home? I know that extreme alcohol addiction can play havoc with mental fitness, also is there a chance that he ingested or tried something beyond alcohol, that triggered this? If he is living in your house, and you are concerned for your safety, you need to get your county mental health involved. Also, contact your local law enforcement and voice your concerns for yours and his safety. Many agencies have a CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) to help you. Keep notes of what you are seeing, as they may be needed for evidence. While your son is in a compromised mental state, he is probably resistant to any help, and will deny any problem.
Please keep your safety foremost, and come back to our cyber table to let us know how you are doing.

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Hello @lolly906,

@gingerw has some great ideas about keeping detailed notes (like a journal) of his activities, ideas, and actions. These could help you get him into a mental health facility even if he is not willing. Please especially takes notes of anything threatening he says about harming himself or others and especially if he talks of hearing voices that give him commands or criticisms.

Also be on the look-out for any pills, substances that might not be familiar. As @gingerw said, he could have ingested something harmful. Do you know who his friends are? Is it possible to talk to any of them who might have been with him before his psychosis started? This is the time to be concerned about his well-being more than privacy.

Remember @lolly906, you can contact a psychiatrist to get some help for handling this problem even if your son is not willing. Contact your pastor if you need some referrals.

@gingerw we just found out after he was taken to ER I finally saw his discharge papers that had the drug " meth" in his system, he is having a meth pychosis, which I have never heard of but am learning a lot about, he is still showing signs of paranoia/ pychosis we did research online and found it can last for 6 to 10 days, sometimes longer he admitted to taking it now he has been referred to a psychiatric and looks like we will need to set up some form of treatment for substance abuse, yes I believe you have it right we wouldn't allow him to drink here so he took this awful drug, I'm still in shock and trying to figure it all out but at least we have some answers and I have had tremendous support here I thank each and everyone of you I am going to follow the addiction group also on here I think there is one

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