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Psychosis or paranoia

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I wanted to add what my Mayo doctors told me regarding my situation, and that is to go to St Mary's when I'm having one and it's active psychosis so that they could run some more tests. Like there's a condition called porphyria (sp?) that I could be evaluated for.

Overall, I never had a psychosis prior to my myasthenia gravis disease starting when I was around 48 years old. But, I don't have a thyroid anymore, and the shock of having MG caused me to forget my thyroid pill i think, plus now, I've learned that my medication can cause psychosis plus my biological mother (that I never had the opportunity meet) had schizophrenia they say. So, perhaps there is some genetics going making me predisposed to it.

I went to an NIH study and the experts there say I don't hav ethe disease schizophrenia because i don't have negative symptoms and I didn't have my first psychosis until my 48th year. Schizophrenia has psychosis and negative symptoms both at the NIH.

Perhaps he has a neurological condition now, like I did? I've been tested for everything, lupus, MS, several diseases can cause psychosis. Frontal Temporal Dementia too.

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I'll reply to myself 🙂 Here's a wikipeda explanation of psychosis and bromide. My MG medication is called pyrostigmine bromide. I've reported that to my doctors, when I flare with MG I lose my mind. Perhaps its from the Mestinon they think (pyrostigmine bromide). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bromism

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