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Psychosis or paranoia

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Also with an episode of pychosis, do they come out of it at anytime? Or if they don't get meds will he be like this from now on? I mean is there any hope my son will come out of this even for a day without taking meds? I've never had this happen and don't know anything about it much I'm wondering if there will be a possibility of this episode stopping even for a day or so

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I have been told that a psychosis has to have medication. It will not just go away on it's own. It continues to worsen until hospitalization maybe necessary. That's my experience.

I have forgotten to take my thyroid meds, and given myself a psychosis. It's called myexedema madness. He may have another health condition driving the psychosis. It's good to get ontop of it, check his electrolytes and consult with a doctor.

No way to answer that question, @lolly906, until your son has a diagnosis.
As it could be caused by a neurological problem, dementia problem, thyroid or other endocrinology disorder. He needs to be seen by a team of doctors (preferably at a medical center with a multidisciplinary approach, like Mayo or a university medical center) in order to get the correct diagnosis. Most likely medication and therapy of some kind will be needed.

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