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lolly906 (@lolly906)

Psychosis or paranoia

Mental Health | Last Active: Jul 2, 2019 | Replies (40)

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Hello @lolly906,

I can hear the frustration and heartbreak in your words. I wish there were an answer for you but it sounds as if you have tried. Did the mental health assessment reveal his paranoid tendencies or did he cover up these thoughts?

Does your son have a power of attorney document for health care that gives you the authority to act on his behalf?

Outside of that, petitioning the court for guardianship/conservatorship is my only thought. However, you would need to have doctors evaluate him and agree that he needs this kind of protection.

I care. Will you keep posting?

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He covered it up when they evaluated him, they told me he had no signs of paranoia, but as soon as he came home he told me he believed everything he said happened, 20 people following him, GPS in his phone( which he destroyed)) GPS in his lighter, he's been taking wires of our computer and he completely closed his bank account for his checks to be direct deposit saying he had been hacked, he has no power of attorney there's nothing,. I'm learning a very hard lesson, this is the most frightening thing I've ever seen and I feel helpless his dad does not understand and now wants him out I've lost work, we are not 20 anymore and even if I were this would be difficult, I will keep posting, but I don't know what's going to happen unless he wants help, I just hope it doesn't end badly I'm worried I wish mental health would of assessed him more thoroughly I don't believe they did thank you for caring, I feel very alone right now

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