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Anyone go to a Mayo Clinic?

Neuropathy | Last Active: Dec 31, 2020 | Replies (31)

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I am a patient at Mayo in Jax. My neuropathy is a result of chemotherapy. I did see a dr there about it and didn’t really get any answers but my neuropathy is pretty mild. He did suggest some vitamins and therapy which I have done but it really didn’t help. He did not want to put me on medications because he felt mine was too mild to justify it and I completely agreed. I only went because the oncologist hoped it might be beneficial. However, I am a huge fan of Mayo Jax. I have yet to see a dr., nurse, tech or anyone else there that I didn’t think was vastly superior to anyone I have ever dealt with anyplace else.

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What type of therapy did you do and what vitamins?

I would like to echo the post by @cwm1, although my neuropathy is idiopathic. I was diagnosed by a neurologist at Mayo Clinic Rochester and was looking for a cure. I only had numbness with no pain and the neurologist told me there are no medications or topicals that will do anything for the numbness. The neurologist was very thorough and took the time to answer all of my questions. Even though I left the appointment disappointed, I knew it is what it is and that is what started my search for something that might possibly slow down the progression or help with the numbness.

That search brought me to Connect where I've met many other members with similar symptoms on their own search journey. It's not a coincidence. To me it's confirmation that neuropathy has no cure but members here have shared what has helped them reduce or eliminate the symptoms which gives us a way return to a new normal for our lives. Maybe we can't do all the things we used to do but it does give us a way to keep moving towards a more normal life.

Mayo Clinic Connect gives us the patient a resource that even experienced specialists would envy (IMHO) – the ability to ask questions of other members with similar health conditions and symptoms. We can share our experiences and learn from each other. So thanks to all of you for being your own advocate and reaching out with questions, as well as sharing your own experience.

I am a small fiber peripheral neuropathy (numbness only in my feet and lower legs) work-in-progress. I am currently contemplating my next adventure for therapy. Maybe it can help you also.

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