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Anyone go to a Mayo Clinic?

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Would you mind sharing some of the techniques you found and where they are located. Thank you

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* Caudal nerve blocks with no success.
* Acupuncture with no success.
* Pudendal nerve blocks with no success.
* Dual beam laser techniques produced some reduction in pain but only lasted for a day or two.
* High dosages of vitamin C. Some research studies indicated some success in nerve healing but was no help for my wife's pain.
* Nerve conduction tests. Mayo said the results from these tests are inconsistent so they do not perform them anymore.
However, I would suggest this method could better pin point the source of pain or entrapment.
* Sacrotuberous ligament stretch/massaging. The pudendal nerve passes through this area. No success.
* New cryogenic (not the old techniques) freezing of the nerve. Still looking for someone who performs this procedure.
* MFR. Seems to help some but just started treatments so we need more time to evaluate.
* Spinal stimularors. We chose not to have this technique done for two reasons. First is that the companies who manufacture
these devices never performed testing on the pudendal nerve. Second, was concerned of side effects.
* Traction on the spine in case the spine is misaligned and causing pressure on the pudendal nerve. Haven't tried this yet.
* Yoga relaxation techniques. Haven't tried this yet.
* Tried all the suggested natural products (vitamins, herbs, etc.) with no success.
* X-Rays and MRIs to pin point entrapment areas. No success.
* Scar tissue nerve entrapment. In treatment now so no results yet.
* CBD oil. Helps take the edge off of the pain as does the CBD cream. Not long lasting.
* Of course ice and meds. Advil seems to help which would indicate an inflammation issue.
* Dry needling which is different from acupuncture.. Still researching the side effects of this procedure.
* Stretching exercises. No success..
* Oriental "Cupping". No success.
* Diets that include low sugar and high water intake. Sugar has been suggested to have a negative effect on nerve healing. Haven't
tried this yet. High water intake may help muscles and myofacial fluidity.
* Nerve transection (cutting of the nerve). Most doctors do not recommend this procedure as there are possibilities of
increased nerve pain after the procedure is completed.
* Spinal steroid injections at the root of the nerve. Haven't had this procedure. However, this apparently won't solve the pain
issues as it gives temporary pain relief. Therefore, this procedure has to be repeated often. Probably won't opt for this procedure.

That's all that comes to mind at this point in time. What is interesting is that there are days where my wife's pain level is very low. We go back through the previous day's activities and food intake and can't come up with anything unusual. This has been a long road for her with few success stories.