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Anyone go to a Mayo Clinic?

Neuropathy | Last Active: Dec 31, 2020 | Replies (31)

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My wife has gone to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville several times. Although it is an excellent run organization I did not feel that we learned or found any solutions for the treatment of her nerve pain. The solutions were basically meds which is not what I was looking for. I want solutions and not meds.

I do a lot of research myself and found several state-of-the art techniques for the treatment of chronic nerve pain which the doctor's at Mayo didn't seem to know anything about. Some of the suggested specialized tests that were run turned out to be typical tests that we had already done at other facilities. Bottom line we didn't come away with any solutions for my wife's pain so now we are at other facilities who are applying some of the newer techniques that I've read about. Keep in mind that I am one opinion so don't be discouraged by my post alone.

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Thank you bkruppa, it’s not an easy road and I agree – I too just want to know the cause and then solutions, not an rx! Please continue to share your experiences and hopefully successes. I’m sorry for your disappointment with MAYO, You've saved me time, money and dashed hopes…

I too would love to know what you are trying. Hopefully something is working. I have even thought of stem cell, but just not sure

Would you mind sharing some of the techniques you found and where they are located. Thank you