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Anyone go to a Mayo Clinic?

Neuropathy | Last Active: Dec 31, 2020 | Replies (31)

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Hello. I was recently turned down by Mayo in Rochester, MN. I believe this to be due to the fact that I have already been diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy and chronic migraine. Perhaps they can't do much more for me beyond my current treatment plan. I was disappointed.

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Thanks for sharing that, discouraging I’m sure. I guess the best they’re offering is this support forum!

Hi @rwinney, it sounds like you have taken the appropriate steps to seek care at Mayo Clinic and naturally it is disheartening to not get an appointment. Unfortunately because Mayo Clinic has more requests for appointments than available openings, other factors do come into play. Appointments at Mayo Clinic are prioritized on the basis of medical need. Availability depends on the nature and urgency of the problem and Mayo Clinic's ability to help (as determined by a Mayo Clinic doctor). Our physician experts have likely reviewed your case with their colleagues. Their review led them to determine that Mayo Clinic cannot offer any further treatment for you at this time. Mayo’s goal is to provide the best care each patient needs, but does not want you to incur additional costs for evaluation or travel if there is not care to offer that is different from what you’re already receiving. Not a great answer to hear, I know.

@wisfloj, things might be different at Mayo Clinic FL. As mentioned above, it will depend an appointment availability and the complexity of care needed.