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Neuropathy | Last Active: May 30, 2019 | Replies (14)

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After 15 months my BIG question is still 'what is the cause of my peripheral neuropathy'? As I research, I read over and over I read how it is important to find the cause and to do so early so you can treat it. Not diabetic, not chemo. induced, no nerve damage...just idiopathic. So it continues to increase from feet only to lower legs and now reached thighs. Perhaps you can ask what type of doctor can help you if he/she can not? What tests would be useful in determining cause and thus treatment? Read up, ask for bloodwork regarding vitamin B levels, images of spine may provide a clue, my neurologist only wanted to offer pain pills, no thank you I prefer to get to the root of it and hopefully a cure! Still on my quest.

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I have had 28 different vials of blood taken. MRIs up & down my spine. If I was older, diabetic, had chemo it would be alittle bit easier to swallow I think. I am not even 40 & in 5 months IT IS EVERYWHERE, CONSTANTLY! Every move burns or tingles, from my eyes & tongue to my organs, lungs & skin in general. I am being attacked. Diet is my 1st course of Change. I am not going to drug myself & give up. I am too mad & scared to give up. To much living still to do. My son asked me if i am going to get my "green card" 🤣 if it helps me be normal, I just might