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tomj5 (@tomj5)

Does MayoClinic do Lumbar Disc Replacement? 2 Levels?

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Thank you for the info above. I see plenty of references to CERVICAL disc replacement but none for LUMBAR. I saw someone post about recently having a lumbar replacement on this site but no details. Also, I did try to get an appointment but was rejected due to the MayoClinic "not being able to offer a different treatment or additional options". The appointment desk just told me they don't know if Mayo Clinic does or does not do lumbar replacements. Knowing this answer (even though I can't get an appointment) will help be determine if the MayoClinc thinks LUMBAR disc replacements are a VALID option (in general) or if they think it isn't. That's my main goal right now…just to know if they do them…because that will tell me their view on if they are VALID options for some people of INVALID. any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Tom,
First let me say that I have never been accepted as a patient at Mayo, but I did find a FANTASTIC neurosurgeon.
I had 2 discs replaced in my cervical spine about 1-1/2 years ago (C5/6).
The surgery was a success as far as neck pain and horrible headaches, as well as finger tingling.
I had an X-Lift fusion about 9 mos. ago on L34.

I was told by my surgeon that at this time, disc replacement for the lumbar spine is not being done on a regular basis.
Some hospitals might be testing it out, but it is not a regular choice of surgery for the lumbar spine, only the cervical spine.
I did read the article and it did not talk about replacement for the lumbar, only the cervical.

Good luck!
Ronnie (GRANDMAr)

Hi Tom,

Here’s my experience before and after with a 1 level ADR at L5/S1 performed back in 2006.

During September of 2003 (31 years old) I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident where I ended up rupturing my disk at L5/S1. By Spring of 2005, I had complete collapse of the disk space since the disk no longer existed.

My goals were simple, be narcotic free and get as much exercise as I could. Adrenaline is one of the best pain killers, but when you literally lose all feeling in a leg temporarily, there isn’t much you can do until your feeling starts creeping back.

I won’t get into details about all of the pain I was in, but I can empathize with anyone with severe back pain, I truly get it.

In April of 2006 I had my ADR performed at St. Mary’s hospital in Duluth by a neurosurgeon by the name of James Callahan.

Fast forward to today… the last time I had serious back pain (other than normal wear and tear soreness for a highly active 47 year old) was when I was laying on the table getting ready to receive anesthesia.

ADR has been a life altering experience for me in such a positive way…but I do baby my spine and body in general for aftercare. No high impact sports, skiing, running, etc. but I’m extremely active in the outdoors and I have complete range of motion like I had prior to my auto accident.

One word of advice, see the best surgeon you can and it will be a neurosurgeon.

If someone is good enough to work on a 6 month baby with a traumatic head injury where precision and smarts/experience are paramount, they’re good enough to work on you.

You want the very best hands and head on a surgeon touching you so choose wisely, it makes a difference.

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