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Hi @linda1947, welcome to Connect. I'm tagging a few other members who had a prostatectomy. Perhaps @403211th @kujhawk1978 @9876 @tiss @billcando @speed7484 and @hodagwi can share their experiences.

It does sound abnormal to be experiencing pain and stinging for such an extended period of time. I would contact your doctor again as I would be concerned about risk of infection. Are you drinking plenty of liquids?

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Thank you for responding. Saw Dr last week. Drinking lots of water. Dr is consulting on whether to go on Gabapentin.

I had robotic surgery in Jan 14. Went in on Monday, out on Tuesday. On Wednesday I was out walking. A week later the catheter was out and I was back at the gym playing basketball, lifting weights. What you describe does not sound “normal.”

I had the RP surgery 4 years ago.
The spasm like pain in the penis to scrotum started soon and never went away
I believe that a nerve was damaged during the surgery.
It is not constant comes and goes.
I finally found a medication that helps to provide temporary relief.
90mg Etoricoxib
Hope that helps

Hi Colleen,
Are you still the director role? Looking for support on replies I sent to several messages that relate to me. Unfortunately, the comments I’m replaying to are years old and unlikely those people will respond. Is it possible to alert them of my replies? Thank You

Back in Mayo 2023 I had a catheter inserted to put some type of stain to see the bottom of prostrate during set up for proton treatment. It was not a pleasant experience.

I then experienced and continue to experience the same issue I read here. I burning sensation toward the end of the penis after urnination. Today I mentioned this to Oncologist/Radiologist and said proably some trauma to end of penis and should rectify itself in a couple of months.

Is there something to look out for that we should be looking for. I did not have the RP and I would described my pain as minor but noticeable. I am just worried it could be something else or need to address it further.