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@caf Carrie, it was a challenge for me to learn to rip the power away from the depression I also deal with. But, as I have control issues LOL, I had to, in order to keep going. I decided whatever it took to keep those dark wolves from my door, even if it meant they were still in the front yard, waiting for me to invite them back. Medication, therapy, exercise, writing it out, all have helped me. Will the battle ever end, probably not. But I am working hard. What other methods have you worked with to help you in depressive episodes?

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Maybe your control issues will work for your good!
You listed what helps you. Every day we fight battles, trying to change our behavior. You are in control of you. Let us know when you have won. You will win!
You are one determined woman!
I am impressed by your writing.

To Ginger: As in the past I struggled with thoughts of Suicide for two years,I have learned so much about my life and why I stayed so long with the narc and drug addicts. I have lost a lot for sure. This little paragraph made me cry tears of joy. Education and parenting are key things as our children grow. It is a good thing that God is always there and I left this with my children. So I know they are never alone, even if I am not there for a time.Ps. Bonehead ! Thanks for your paragraph. It meant a lot. cat

@gingerw All of us dealing with depression are always in the arena on some level-I think so at any rate. I paint it out into the yard.