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Hello ginger, thank you for your message. I am once again perplexed at the power of my debilitating dark major depressions so i am not sure what i will do in the future. I have had depressions on and off since the age of ten so i am wondering if it is just my brain chemistry that has for years been compromised.. i didnt start taking meds till i was about 42.. so nice to hear from you! Carrie

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@caf Hello Carrie,

I just noticed your post. It seems that many of us have a problem with brain chemistry and sometimes the work of anti-depressants is very helpful in balancing out that type of problem. I wish you well and hope that you keep in touch with Mayo Connect.

@caf Carrie, it was a challenge for me to learn to rip the power away from the depression I also deal with. But, as I have control issues LOL, I had to, in order to keep going. I decided whatever it took to keep those dark wolves from my door, even if it meant they were still in the front yard, waiting for me to invite them back. Medication, therapy, exercise, writing it out, all have helped me. Will the battle ever end, probably not. But I am working hard. What other methods have you worked with to help you in depressive episodes?

I’m afraid you’re going to have to continue to wonder about your brain chemistry since there are no definitive tests to measure it although there is a researcher who claims to be getting close, of course I think we all know what close in the research world means. During the development of anti-depressant drugs by the pharmaceutical companies they mentioned depression was caused by a serotonin
inbalance without proof and it has stuck ever since however no one knows what causes depression or any mental illness. If your doctor suggests you have a chemical brain inbalance ask him to prove it. If he says blood or urine test they are unreliable. if you’re just be getting Effexor Side effects off and go away within weeks to a few months. I hope they soon find the cause and the best treatment.
Wishing you well with your treatment,