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I wonder how everyone is feeling today and the past days of worrying about COVID. My partner and I went on a picnic today and met our grandchildren in a park by a lake. Lots of room to sit and visit all afternoon. We felt absolutely wonderful being with our grandkids and daughter. We still stayed our distance from each other and it was easy outside in a large park by a lake. We can do this! I also, rather than Zooming with my men's group started meeting with them in a driveway of one of our members. We do wear masks, but we are still 6 feet away from each other and we're out side all of the time. I bring my laptop and bluetooth to a speaker, plug into the garage outlet and run DVD's on various subjects that we're interested in. My 30+ years of IT come in handy and we enjoy looking and talking to each other (for real) rather than on a screen. Take care everyone, we need each other.

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@stsopoci Hi, there, and good for you for being able to visit and adapt! It is so important to try and maintain the relationships we have had that were positive for us, and finding new ways to do that. These times recently have really underscored how we took things for granted, right? Fri night my neighbor and I stopped at a restaurant and had a meal out, as I drove back from a Dr appt. It felt so strange. While appropriate measures were taken by the eatery, to sit down and be served seemed so novel. I will continue to practice safe measures because I am in a health compromised state, but it is nice to see a loosening of restrictions.