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Yes for me is excerise, praying and having that one friend you can always go to

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savana1, having the one friend you can always go to is good and bad! I met another person at age eleven and she and I became like sisters. I stayed a lot at her house while growing up. I loved going there. Her parents were very normal. They raised two children who were very normal. My parents were not exactly what I called normal. My mom was depressed, my dad was bipolar (I think). Our house was immaculate. We had three home cooked meals every day. In fact, my father insisted on eating at noon and five o'clock every day! He was a dictator! So, anyway, back to the friend. Her parents had a meal at suppertime. It was fun. Good, home-cooked food with laughter--that was what was missing from ours. Her family shared with each other. They even had a dog which did tricks! We had a dog who wasn't allowed in our spotless home. Theirs was immaculate, too. She and I got married to young men at age 17. She married an abusive person and she got a divorce! I married an abuser and stayed married to him for 8 1/2 years and had five children. One was stillborn. He wasn't even home, he was with his current girlfriend. Then he got her pregnant at the same time I was. He moved in with her when I was pregnant. Such a life. My best friend got married again and had five children. She passed a way two years ago. I am fortunate to have had her in my life even if we went our separate ways, we could always come see each other and start over as if not a day had passed. I loved her as I did a sister. I had two sisters. My closest in age died last June. My other sister died a year before that in August. So, now I am the only one. I have a husband who would rather talk to the neighbors than me. He watches TV in his room, I watch TV in the living room. Sometimes we eat together, sometimes we don't. We don't really communicate with each other very much. He is always right and I know sometimes, I am! I think I write essays when I start writing. My point is, don't have just one friend. You need another friend or two or three. How about having some friends who have the same beliefs you do and getting together once in a while. Blessings!

Hi. I just joined group Like you my friendships and my faith in God and prayer have been helpful for me