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Gait after TKR

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Hi @jennyr – Welcome to Connect! We have a lot of TKR survivors and thrivers here so I'm sure you'll get many good suggestions. I've had both knees replaced – the most recent one on 1/29/19 – so I'm maybe about a month ahead of you. First, I'm going to say that not only is every single person different – but every knee is different in terms of recovery. On my first one, I had injured the knee severely enough that I was on crutches for a few months prior to the surgery. It took longer to get my balance and my gait back on that one than on the second one. (I vowed after the 1st one that I wouldn't let my left knee get so bad that I couldn't walk and I kept my promise.) The second thing I would say is that time does amazing things. Personally, even now, if I don't really think about my gait and speed, I tend to slow down and walk a little more cautiously – which may appear to be more awkwardly. I remember doing this during my first recovery, too. I believe that if I just concentrate on walking normally – speed and gait – that in time it will come naturally. At least it did on my first knee.
Can I ask if your knee was badly damaged prior to the surgery? And did they have to do any other corrections beyond the knee replacement? Wishing you the best!

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Thank you for encouragement. No other corrections required. Prior to surgery I had bone on bone wear and tear; great difficulty standing or walking for any length of time. Standing is significantly improved. Walking naturally is more challenging. Left knee done in March this year; right knee April last year. I am 66.