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Hi, my wife was going to try it, or at least was thinking about it until we found out there was no facility near us that owned a unit and was offering the service. When I was reading about it initially (5-6 years back) the units cost over $100,000 and there were several in use at various facilities. But the problem was the treatment takes 2 weeks so you have to travel and stay at a hotel for over 2 weeks, plus the treatment cost was at least $5000. The kicker was when you find out that you may (or probably) would need to go back for a booster treatment after 2 or 3 months. And this is for a treatment that might or might not work. The whole idea just had too many drawbacks, unless you lived near a unit. Hank

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Hank, thank you for your reply, I live near Atlanta & I was wondering why there is a PT clinic in Buford Georgia but none in Atlanta. If this treatment helps decrease pts pain so much & is so expensive then why wouldnt it be offered in a big city like Atlanta? I will contact the PT who did go to Emory University and ask her some questions. I'm very curious, and I will let you all know what I find out.-Thanks again👱‍♀️