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Best Plasters/Adhesive bandages

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thanks yes a routine cut from a hard to open tin, I more or less did what you said and it healed over a number of days. I also use plasters when I over bite my nails

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@lotsofpain Oh, oh, nail biting. I used to do that! My husband still does. There used to be a product that you could buy at the pharmacy. Don’t know the name. It should be in the nail polish section. Ask. It colorless and odorless and paints on like nail polish. But it tastes TERRIBLE! Use it everyday! And good luck. I’m glad your cut wasn’t too serious! You can usually keep a cut open to air after 24 hours.

@lotsofpain For over the ends of your fingers I recommend fabric butterfly shaped plasters. I had a callus on the end of one of my toes that I used two small straight fabric plasters to keep soft. I put one over the end of the toe (front to back) and the other around the toe to hold the first in place. It was inexpensive and incredibly effective. That would be my recommendation for you. Plus they are much easier to find and less expensive than the butterfly shapes.