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Surgery for lymphedema

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I have been dealing with Lymphedema in my left arm arm following left mastectomy and axillary node dissection 3 month ago. I am seeing a physical therapist twice weekly for manual lymphatic massages and have to wear a compression sleeve and camisole to help manage the symptoms. I am left handed, work as a nurse and have been looking for an alternative way to deal with this debilitating side effect. I asked my surgeon about lymph node transfer, he said there was no surgeon in Kentucky specialized and his hospital which is also the hospital I work for does not do that surgery. I would like to know if anyone has had a lymph node transfer or Lymphovenous bypass and were they successful!

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I have had bilateral breast cancer 11 years apart and am going for a mastectomy/reconstruction this month. I do not have lymphedema, but am very afraid of getting it. I am not appreciative of most of the medical people I have dealt with having a cavalier attitude about it. If it was them, the story would be different. They just want to do their jobs the easiest way possible. A lot of people in the medical field do not even know about it! WTH? You would think cancer centers would be up to date and be sympathetic about it. Well, forget that…the issue is that the two plastic surgeons that will be doing my reconstruction both do lymph node surgery. I am in NJ. That is not convenient for you, but you may have friends or relatives locally. Anyway, look up Eric Chang MD. Read what healthgrades says about him. They both do microsurgery. Dr Ibrahim is my doctor, but is Dr Chang’s associate at the Plastic Surgery Center.