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Sounds like you have really been through so much this year. You have found some very careing people here on this board.
I have had aspergillus quit a few times and unfortunately am being treated right now for it. I'm on Voriconizole right now. I have not had the kind you have anyway I don't think so. I usually have Niger or fumative variety. I have been told that the air is full of fungal spores and therefore they don't treat unless you are having symptoms or your CT scan shows it may be invasive. I'm also highly allergic to aspergillus with asthma so that makes it more complicated.
Do you have Bronchectasis or are you immune compromised? Or was this a sudden onset of problems?
I had bern testing positive to Mycobacteria Abcessus for quite a long time then I went to testing negative year and half ago. At the time I tested positive they said my ct scan wasn't bad enough to start the antibiotics so I didn't. Then I started testing negative.
It's a choice you must make with your Doctor because each patient is so different.
We have been discussing on these board that some statistics suggest that up to 40% of Mac patients convert back negative without medication. So that's a good thing to know.
I talked to my infectious disease Doctor and my pulminologist plus I got a second opinion at the Mayo before deciding.
Hoping some of this helps!

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@pfists Hi Shari. I just have to say, in this war against mac, you are a five star general! Thank you for all of the good info you have shared over the years! Thank you also for always being here with us.