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Yes. It's so helpful to hear about others' struggles, tho so sad. When my now 75 year old husband who was officially diagnosed with Alz. in 2013, and I were house shopping, we were able to find a rancher with a fenced in back yard. I know that pet therapy is so beneficial for mentally and physically handicapped people so we got a rescue puppy. What a great decision! My husband loves to walk her around our neighborhood and play with her. She makes us both laugh which is good therapy for us both. I now have to be the one to clean up the dog deposits but am glad I can still do that. I will probably be getting a knee replacement this summer, so I'll use that activity for my rehab. 🙂 Thankfully, Lee still has a great sense of humor. She is a wonderful companion when I have to leave him alone for a couple of hours too. So far, so good. I'm trying to be grateful for how things are going most of the time as I know it's going to be getting a lot harder in the future. I know the need for caregiver at home is coming sooner than I had "planned". 🙁

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@leeandpat – First, it IS sad. Terribly sad. I know the feeling of trying to be grateful since we know things are going to get worse. It's heart-breaking. My husband was an aeronautical engineer and to see him struggle with making a phone call on a flip phone just rips my heart.

Second, you may want to join the Joint Replacement group on Connect. I've had two knee replacements (all went beautifully) and it was nice to have a place to ask questions and express concerns. Here is the link:
Second, I want to check on you when you have your surgery. Will you post when you are going to have your knee replacement?

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