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@leeandpat, I also like to bring in @debbraw into this discussion. Her husband has early stage dementia and recently she also had a knee replacement. I bet she will have some insights to share.

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Even though you know the anger is the disease, not the person, you have to know that you are safe. Have you talked with someone about how to stay safe?

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Not yet. Hopefully will see the MD this week and talk with him re whole situation. thanks

Yes. I have made several close friends and family members aware oft my concerns and need to do a better job of making sure we are both getting enough rest and freedom from unnecessary demands. I may need to ask my son to spend more time with him and arrange for more help with odd jobs around the house. As a retired physical therapist, I know how difficult the rehab is following a total knee replacement and am dreading it. I've begun to see what family and friends will be available to help for the first few weeks. I will need extra patience and understanding of my husband's inability to give me help when I need it.

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