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My mom is on a roller coaster…she told me if her caregiver ever comes again she will throw her out! That’s what she tells me but than she tells the caregiver not to leave until I’m back home. I know there is humor in there somewhere! I’m so comforted by this group.

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Good afternoon, @providence1960 I recall those same feelings being exhibited by my wife. Hated having help, but inside very afraid to be alone or without help. Your 'roller coaster' analogy is perfect! Now that you say that I can even feel it again! In the beginning the big hills to climb and the huge drops, repeat, and repeat….then as the disease progressed it was more of those dang little ones — up, down, up, down, up, down.

We can all keep looking for that humor!

I am very pleased to hear you find some comfort in this group! Caregiving can be such an intense, isolating experience!

Continued strength, courage, and peace!