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Thank you for your response it helps alot. We have a border collie / pit she is the sweetest thing. And then my son needed someone to take there choc lab for awhile while they move however we have had her awhile and it looks like it's easier for us to keep her as they have a 3 yr old that is not very nice to her and a 1 yr old. I think the 3 yr old has been very jealous for a yr that she does not get all the attention any more. But gabby is happier here. We also have a cat Teddy. Busy house

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You are right, @suerc A busy house! I have one dog and that seems like a lot at times! Being larger dogs that could weigh on your neighbor too I might think. You never know I guess!

How do the dogs and the cat get along? Hopefully nicely! 🙂

Strength, courage, and peace!

Aww, I have a Staffy mix who’s name is Gabby. She’s a rescue as all my others have been. She is the one one the right. I was reading through this because my father suffered this ghastly disease. His mother and two brothers were also diagnosed before death. I tested positive for the APEO 4 gene. Scary, although I know it’s not a promise that I’ll suffer also. The most frightening thing is that I’m so aware of the early signs now since we were able to have hindsight on Daddy’s, I am recognizing signs in myself. I have a girlfriend who talks with me and acknowledges that she has seen them too. I can’t get my family to agree and take it seriously.