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She knows about it. I don't know if she should be leaving him or if she should e finding g other care for her aging g father or what. They have always had a bit of a strange relationship. When can he not stay alone. And how long can I try uh st him taking care of my animals.

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Hi @suerc One of the hard parts of any chronic disease is the unknown. I know in my wife's case as she journeyed through her war there was no map, no hard and fast rules (other than when she failed her driver's test), my caregiving, and much more.

Again, in my wife's case they told us she might be lucky to live with her condition for 7 years and fought for more than double that. Same when she entered home hospice they said possibly six weeks and she was in that for over 14 months. We just never know in many such situations.

It is only my opinion, but on the animal care I'd say the moment you believe it is any kind of burden or difficulty for him, I'd quit.

I also guess, again just my opinion, that his wife will have to make the judgement call of when she should get him more care that what she can, or is, giving.

Nice to know you, as a neighbor, have a watchful eye out for his wellbeing.

What kind of pets do you have? I'm a dog guy myself 🙂