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I work in a profession where so I can choose my days…I have a caregiver for my mom but she fights it most of the time. Sometimes I feel so stressed when my phone lights up when I am away that I wonder if it is worth it…but I know I have to get away once or twice a week for me. When I’m home my mom sleeps a lot so I’m ok with a quick run to the market. She doesn’t wander but I know those days are coming. A horrible disease.

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Hi @providence1960 'horrible disease' for sure! In so many ways! You are right about the stress of something as simple as your phone ringing! Great to read you have some help — what a difference that can make!

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When we had one for my mom she fought it for a long time. She may have to do something like that if she continues to go to see her dad. To me I don't know. My husband would be more important. And I would secure someone for my dad. Go out there not as often and have him go with.