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From what I understand……….tumor markers via blood are one way doctors can see how well treatment is going or whether there is 'cancer' circulating in the blood. I have read though that it can have both false and positive results that are NOT the result of cancer, so getting a CT and following up is the best option. If you read up on this or talk with your doctors they will tell you it can be a sign of cancer or returning cancer but can also be other things.

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I checked with a friend of mine who is a lab tech. She asked me about how the blood was drawn. She asked if it took a long time to get the blood drawn. It did in fact. I was having the blood drawn for my foot and the technician was having difficulties getting it to work. My technician friend said that that could have had an effect on the quality of the blood and therefore giving a false reading. I have asked my doctor to give me another order to have that test redone, which she agreed to. I am getting that done tomorrow. Hopefully that will be the issue. I also have a ct scan set up which I have no problem doing. If the new test comes back ok then my mind will be at ease. I should have some news on Monday.