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Low energy with diabetes

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I did pelvic floor therapy after bladder surgery and had no improvement. The pills make me constipated so I only take them occasionally.
After my back surgery I could not do the simplest core muscle exercises directed by a very good therapist. It has taken three years for me to be able to do them so I remember to try them often. I huff and puff if I walk very far, and feel like I am carrying a brick on my back. My doctor listens to my heart and says nothing. Actually he says nothing every time I visit. I feel discarded and unentitled or something.
My life and ability is important to me. I don't have time or interest in Bingo. Well, it's out to the flower planting today. I will need to quit and rest a lot, but the days are longer now. Thanks so much for everyone's interest. Dorisena

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@dorisena It actually sounds as if you are doing great. You may be expecting too much of yourself. I know, I sometimes do the same thing. When we get up here in age we really need to pace ourselves.

Regarding pelvic floor exercises, I went to a physical therapist who specialized in the pelvic floor, and she stressed doing quite a few each day, and to not skip more than one day. So far, it has really helped me tremendously. She has me doing about 8 variations of kegels. I said to her at one point I think the only reason for so many variations is because it keeps the person doing more than they would do if they just had one way of doing them. She did not disagree with that.

Enjoy your planting. That is one thing I have never gotten into. I am not much of an outdoors person, I don't like bugs.