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Low energy with diabetes

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I take lots of vitamin D per instructions from the endocrinologist and feel better in Florida in the sun in the winter. I am just now getting weather for outside work so that helps to be in the sun. My primary care people do not listen or care about my nutrition status because they know I am a fresh food, nutrition nut and they only dispense prescriptions for pain and such. Oh, yes, the doctor loves prescriptions for elevated BP. It drugs me. I have been thinking about taking more B-12 but when I took it previously I didn't notice any improvement. I study my blood reports and fine comb every little detail that I can understand. The pharmacist says their computer system red flags prescriptions that don't work well together, and that is enough. With prescriptions I think less is better if you are eating high quality vegetables. I am going to eat more whole wheat bread because I feel awful without the B vitamins in my diet. I keep studying.
This old body is wearing down and I don't want to give up my lifestyle. I don't believe in the word retirement. I did not sleep last night until 4:30 a.m. My blood sugar was 99 at that time and I had a shaky feeling which I do when it gets that low. I finally slept until 10:15 and am looking forward to planting some flowers while sitting down. My eating is off schedule but I plan to eat less more often and see if that helps. It could be that my daughter's mother-in-law, terrible auto accident and near death experience and slow recovery is affecting me more than I realize because my daughter described it and I am such a compassionate person that I suffer when others are suffering. Today is going to be better but I don't last long when I work. Tomorrow we are going to socialize and get pedicures. My family really notices my physical decline, but my mind is doing very well. I must not stumble and fall. Dorisena

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I did pelvic floor therapy after bladder surgery and had no improvement. The pills make me constipated so I only take them occasionally.
After my back surgery I could not do the simplest core muscle exercises directed by a very good therapist. It has taken three years for me to be able to do them so I remember to try them often. I huff and puff if I walk very far, and feel like I am carrying a brick on my back. My doctor listens to my heart and says nothing. Actually he says nothing every time I visit. I feel discarded and unentitled or something.
My life and ability is important to me. I don't have time or interest in Bingo. Well, it's out to the flower planting today. I will need to quit and rest a lot, but the days are longer now. Thanks so much for everyone's interest. Dorisena