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Withdrawal from Metoclopramide?

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Interesting to hear this....how long did you take it? I hope you are recovering well from your surgery. I had a metal stent placed yesterday in my common bile duct to see if that can help my bile reflux. Plastic stents have helped to some degree in the past, so this may be a more robust way of helping. Have you heard or tried a drug called Domperidone at all? Sounds like it is a safer version of Metoclopramide.

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I did not take metoclopramide (Reglan) because I have nerve damage in a few places in my body. I also have had concussions. My GI doctor wanted me to take it and I told him I had discussed it with my family doctor and why we both had concerns on me taking the medication. I sometimes react weird to new medication... it may do the exact opposite of what intended. My GI doctor disagreed, but when I saw him at my checkup the next year he agreed completely that I should not take it. He said many of his patients taking Reglan were having nerve damage and some it it was permanent.

I have taken Domperidone. I could not tolerate the side effects. I think I took it for about two weeks. It was back in 2013 and my memory is not the greatest. Attached is a photo of the side effects I had from Domperidone. I live in the SW portion of Georgia USA. ... A small town and got the medication filled at a compounding pharmacy.