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Dental Antibiotics after TKR

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@doodles418 I had been taking antibiotics (amoxicillin) prior to dental cleanings (TKR was in 10/2017) but the Rx ran out recently and the dentist needed to know what my doctor wanted me to do. I had been told to wait 6 months after the TKR, and to take antibiotics after that. Some doctors say for two years. My ortho surgeon wants me to do that for life. He said to call him when I run out and he will prescribe. My dentist said if he will give them a letter that he wants that they will write the prescriptions.
I actually called my transplant surgeon first because I figured if anyone wanted me to be on antibiotics prior to work being done it would be him. He does not find it necessary but since I expressed that I would be more comfortable taking an antibiotic he prescribed them, saying there was no harm in doing so.
I think they all have their own ideas about what is necessary. I know there is concern these days about people taking antibiotics too much, rendering them less effective, but I doubt that taking them two times a year would cause a problem.

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I'm not one that has had a lot of antibiotic use over the years but I think I will request that he writes the prescription for this. And I'm not comfortable with the 3 months so I will extend to 6 months