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Too much life to live

Neuropathy | Last Active: May 11, 2019 | Replies (12)

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Like you, I'm afraid of pharmaceutical drugs, too.. I hope you get a diagnosis quickly, but also know that it's so very difficult to do so.. My own problems have snowballed lately and I'm trying hard to find answers and anything to ease my pain and improve my life.. Presently I'm keeping daily records of how a Homeopathic rubbing oil "Frankincense and Myrrh NEUROPATHY" has been helping my Erythromelalgia/Neuropathy feet.. Not a cure all, but has allowed me to be on my feet around home a bit more.. If you're not already keeping a record of what's happening to you, I recommend it.. I'll be taking a copy of mine when I see my doctor on Monday.. hope it makes the picture more clear to him and should save some time explaining what it's like for me on a daily basis.. We have to hang in there and hope for some relief.. Blessings on you and your family..

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I agree on all fronts. Sorry to hear your health has snowballed. I am going to try the f&m. Thanks for documenting your experience. I started documenting April 21st, but by may 6th I stopped. I took photos of my body and then drew yellow for the areas of numbness & red for the areas that burn. By may 6th, it was ALL OVER MY BODY, so I stopped. My tough is even numb. I called my neuro. He told me to take the cymbalta. All that does is help with the pain. I would rather have more natural treatments than a pill.
Anyway, thanks again for your documentation & your ear, or would it be your eyes😁