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Advil after tkr

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@contentandwell You posted the no-ice approach favored by your surgeon a few times, and in a way it makes sense. On the other hand, especially with some of the exercises that were given to me, I could not have done them without icing. The very worst was to get leg extension, i.e. put heel on something like couch

arm, and level it for at least 10 to 15 minutes 4 times a day. I was preparing for that ordeal with downloading really loud, long, dramatic or catchy music to distract me. That was about a level 8+ pain after 5 minutes, and without ice afterwards I could not have done it. I was squirming and close to tears a lot. And even then it took 4 months to get the darn knee straight. Not for lack of trying, and not with screaming pain anymore, just BORING exercise.

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I was also told to ice. In fact they sent me home from the hospital with 2 soft, ply able ice packs. I used them often and felt they really helped with pain and swelling. My recovery went well with great ROM. It’s been five 1/2 years.

@ellerbracke I did have some very serious pain during the first six weeks after the TKR but I managed without ice. I know that ice can help with some things but I just never even think of it! I have been going to a physical therapist for hip bursitis and he wants me to ice my hip after exercising but I never remember to do that!

I never had any problem with extension at all. It was pretty much at zero from very shortly after the surgery. As I said, my surgeon has an excellent reputation and a very high success rate, so who am I to question him?

Today I happened to come across ratings of hospitals in MA. My transplant hospital, Mass General, was of course #1. The hospital where I had my TKR does not have a national ranking but they were noted for being exceptional in knee replacement! This doctor is basically the reason for that.