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Odds of a cochlear implant not helping?

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Good luck with your CI evaluation Adela. A key word in this is 'evaluation'. CI candidacy is determined by evaluating many things about your hearing loss, the structure of your inner ear, your ability and willingness to do the necessary rehabilitation following the CI surgery, etc. I am not a hearing healthcare professional, but through my involvement in HLAA since 1983, I've watched the evolution of CI success. I knew people who were among the first to receive them when they were experimental and single channeled. I've seen the remarkable advances in technology, and watched the remarkable positive changes in the people who received CIs. Yes, I'm aware of a few failures. Failure happens with just about anything, but it's unusual. I watched and waited until 2005 before I had CI surgery. It changed my life for the better. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Like you, I was afraid it wouldn't work; although I knew it worked for most people who had the surgery. But, my hearing had reached the point where hearing aids were helping very little. If you are there, what do you have to loose? My CI was done on the side where I had the poorest hearing, which wasn't very different from the other side, but I could identify specific sounds better on the 'good' side. While I don't know the statistics for success/failure with CIs, I believe the odds are with you to have a substantial improvement in hearing if you have the surgery done. I also encourage you, and others who have CIs to use the accessories that make it possible to do even better. I absolutely LOVE the Mini Mic device that works with my CI & HA. The CI telecoil works well with my iPhone, so I don't need the Phone Clip. That Mini MIc makes it possible for me to do better than I ever dreamed of doing in noisy social settings. Do I hear everything with it? No, but it sure helps. I hope things go well with your evaluation. Good Luck!

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Hi Julie,

I couldn’t find the thread where I said I would report on the Osia2 evaluation. I had that today and I am not a candidate. I did research on the Baha but decided against it. The Audi went over extensively all the details about Cochlear Implants with models showing the inner and outer components. She favors Advanced Bionics because their technology is more advanced.

She told me about failures and successes . She is not with my regular ENT practice where I have my Audi for my aids. The surgeon with this hearing aid company (very big and well known in this area) is the same surgeon associated with my regular ENT practice.

I took home a ton of info on the 3 major companies . We talked about my age (80 and in good health ) vs someone younger who had had hearing loss for a shorter period of time. Having had hearing loss for almost 40 years she agreed that I would probably still have difficulty understanding in the worst listening situations and still require assisted devices. The CI would be in my poorer left ear which a CI may improve..somewhat. I do very well in my better right ear with an aid. The aid in my poor aid is mainly for awareness and balance…there is some sound.

Having had very honest discussions on possible outcomes with this very knowledgeable Audi and having read the risks involved for surgery (as with any surgery), I feel that the whole process with the commitment involved is not a good choice for me. The Osia2, if I qualified, was more of a positive possibility.

I am glad I finally did explore other possibilities, I waited so long because I have a metal clip in my eye from retina surgery in the 1980s and was afraid the magnets would dislodge the clip. The clip is probably titanium but there is no way to know if it is or if it is a ferrous material. So my eyesight concern prevails.

Maybe this long post will help others in a decision making process.

Thanks for listening…onward and upward as they say.

FL Mary

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